Different canteen services

Nursery School

Students in the Nursery School eat in their classrooms for the lunchtime meal on Mondays. The canteen service is paid for by the parents.

Staying in the classroom allows our youngest students to eat in a familiar and friendly environment where they can remain in small groups. The teachers are available to assist the students and model positive mealtime behavior.

Primary school

Primary School students have already developed a certain independence that allows them to make use of the canteen designated specifically for them. Lunchtime meals on Mondays and Wednesdays are served in the canteen. Students eat at tables with their friends and must learn to manage their meals independently. Teachers accompany the classes and remain in the canteen to supervise and assist the students as needed. The canteen service is paid for by the parents.

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Students in the first four years of the Primary School cycle (P1-P4) are served at their tables. Meals include a main dish and a dessert. Students in the last year of the Primary School (P5) already participate in a self-service system. This system improves the quality and comfort of mealtimes while encouraging student independence and will be introduced to the rest of the Primary School classes over the course of the 2016-2017 school year.

Students will already be provided wit their appropriate tableware and must simply serve themselves their food from a child-friendly tray. Meals include both a main dish and a dessert.

Our Primary School canteen would not be the same without its beloved mascot, Pooky. With interesting games and friendly contests, this clever bear encourages children throughout the year to learn healthy eating practices.

Secondary school

Secondary School students may choose between the canteen and a cafeteria, which are both open Mondays to Fridays. Students pay for their food using an electronic key provided by the food service company. It is linked to a spending account that can be recharged online.

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The canteen for the Secondary School is completely self-service and students independently choose their meals based on daily menu options. Two academic advisors along with the food service team are always available to help students when needed.

The cafeteria is another option for Secondary School students. It offers breakfast items, cold sandwiches, salads, fruit, desserts, and drinks. Vending machines are stocked daily with fresh sandwiches for students who prefer this quick and easy option.