Our medico-psycho service

Our Infirmaries

The European School Luxembourg II has two infirmaries: one for the Nursery and Primary Schools and one for the Secondary School.

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Any child who has an accident at school will be sent to the infirmary. There, the student can receive first aid and report what happened. Students in the Nursery School are accompanied by a teacher or by a teaching assistant. Students in the Primary or Secondary Schools may go to the infirmary, most often accompanied by another student.

A small medical file is kept for each student detailing any specific needs. The files allow us to know the students better and to address any emergencies with the appropriate steps.

Please note that the school cannot guarantee the continuous presence of a nurse in the infirmary area. At this time the school employs two full-time nurses who respond to the needs of the whole school. Every attempt is made to find a substitute if a nurse is absent, but replacement may not always be possible.

Psychological services

The school employs two part-time psychologists (equivalent to one full-time position) to address the needs of the three school cycles.

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Their job is to provide support for any students with academic, emotional, or behavioral concerns. They may also assist with procedures involving students with special needs who require support. The psychologists are also available to provide information for the teachers regarding the specific needs of students.

The school psychologists are not doctors. The do not make educational psychology assessments or diagnoses.

What if my child has specific medical needs?

If a child has a known or chronic illness or needs specific treatment for a condition like asthma or diabetes, the nurse will need to follow the appropriate medical protocols for that individual. The infirmary should be provided with a kit containing that child’s medication and first aid supplies, along with detailed doctor’s instructions for how and when to treat the child.

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Our infirmaries are not health clinics and cannot treat children who have come to school already sick. They are not allowed to give out medication in case of possible allergies or serious reactions.

Our nurses are not doctors and do not provide diagnoses or prescribe any treatment.

In an effort to prevent contagion and avoid widespread outbreaks of illness, children who arrive at school already sick will be systematically sent home to their families.

Likewise, if families know that their children have contracted a contagious disease, they are asked to notify the school as soon as possible. Children must follow the school regulations about staying home and may only return to school with a doctor’s note.

For more information about childhood illnesses and their prevention, please visit the Ministry of Health website.