Regulations for the European Schools’ Curriculum

The EE regulations

The curriculum for all the language sections is identical and subject to the same requirements, with the exception of teaching the first language. All the language sections prepare the students for the same examination: the European Baccalaureate.

To ensure recognition of the European Baccalaureate diploma, the curriculum for all the language sections must meet the minimum requirements for all member countries. As these requirements vary from country to country, a comprehensive curriculum based on a thorough comparison with national programs is developed through negotiations between national experts and members of the Boards of Inspectors.

These curricular programs are then approved by the Joint Teaching Committee of the European Schools. which is the authoritative pedagogical body for the European Schools. Except for small changes that may occur at any time, programs are usually revised every 10 years.

To learn more about the key regulations governing the European Schools, please visit the website for detailed information.